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    What is Stump Grinding?

    Stump grinding is the removal of several inches of a stump and any exposed roots, after a tree has been cut down by a Holiday arborist or tree service. Stump grinding is not the complete removal of the stump, but generally, only the exposed areas of the stump will be removed by the grinding process.

    A professional Holiday stump grinding service will typically grind a stump to approximately 8 to 12 inches below grade. Depending on the size and species of tree, this may effectively remove of the entire stump. However, some larger tree stumps are deeper than 12" below grade and would require substantial stump grinding in order to remove the stump completely.

    Stump Removal

    When a tree is small enough, it may be easy to dig the stump out, or pull it out with a truck or other piece of equipment. This may be less costly in most cases, and is preferential if establishing a new tree in the place of the tree that has been removed.

    If the tree stump is too large to dig by hand, or pull out, then a professional stump grinding service is recommended to properly and safely remove the stump and the immediate root zone area around the stump.

    Root Pruning

    Root pruning is normally suggested when the roots of a tree are encroaching on nearby hardscape and structures. Root pruning is usually accomplished by cutting the roots back, ideally in the outer area of the root zone, to prevent them from damaging the surrounding hardscapes.

    It is not recommended to prune roots close to the tree, especially in the root crown or rapid root taper area. This could be harmful to the tree, and cause instability.

    Warning Always Locate Underground Utilities Before Digging!!

    Before starting any digging or stump grinding project, remember to dial 811, and have any underground utilities located! Be safe!

    Juan Sanchez Stump Grinding Services

    Because there can be many variables to a stump grinding project, such as small gates and entry ways, extra-large stumps, sidewalks, driveways, etc. we have partnered with other stump grinding services in the area to make sure we bring our clients the best services possible.

    This means, no matter what the stump grinding or stump removal project throws our way, we can get the job done right.

    At Juan Sanchez Tree Service, we also take care of any under-ground utilities location requests that may be needed. One call truly does do it all.

    Call 727-389-2994 or 813-265-3224, or Click Here, and request your tree services or stump grinding assessment, and free quote today!