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    At Juan Sanchez Tree Service, our Belliar arborist concentrate on pruning for strength, balance and good structure, and take every variable of your tree's environment into account when we assess a tree pruning job. Making sure your trees are healthy and strong, is our top priority. Cleaning your trees by removing dead, damaged, and diseased branches will always be the first thing we look at during a tree pruning assessment of your trees.

    If your trees are too large, and at risk of toppling during a storm, we may recommend a "Storm pruning Plan" to help prevent damage to your trees and property.

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    Over Pruning Your Trees

    At times, some companies or individuals may over-prune trees during the pruning process. Over-pruning means that more than one third of the canopy foliage is removed in one growing season. This can be problematic, when trying to maintain the health of your trees, depending on the species.

    As stated above, over-pruning removes too many leaves, but it also may cause damage to the bark of the tree, such as scalding. Many times when trees are over-pruned, large sections of the tree has been removed, as when hat-racking occurs. During this process, if the tree service or individual doing the work may drop large pieces of wood through theo crown of the tree damaging the bark, and opening the tree to possible disease, and pests.

    When trees are over-pruned, it also affects the local environment around the tree, such as the air, ground, plants and other trees near by, and some wildlife, as well.

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    Depending on the size and species of a tree, it is recommended that any pruning should not remove more than 25% of the canopy in any given growing season. In some species less is better.

    At Juan Sanchez Tree Service, we realize that there are trees that have not been pruned properly in years, and have become exceedingly to large for the area they inhabit. It may be neccessary at times to reduce these trees by more than 25%, but there should be a long term monitoring, and care plan in place in this case.

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